A homeless man wearing a trench coat walks up to a bar. Says, “Hey Bartender, if I show you something you’ve never seen before would you give me a drink?” Bartender says, “Well I’ve pretty much seen it all but, sure, if you show me something I’ve never seen before, I’ll give you a drink.”

So the homeless man reaches in one of his pockets and pulls out a Hamster, sets it on the bar, the Hamster runs down the bar, onto the floor, runs over to the piano, up onto the keys and starts playing Gershwin.

Bartender says, “Dude!! Holy Shit! That’s incredible…a piano playing Hamster, I have never seen that before!!, sure I’ll give you a drink!!”

The man slowly enjoys his beverage. A little while later he says, “Bartender, you think I have another? Bartender says, “You gonna pay for this one or you got some more magic?”

The man reaches in another pocket, pulls out a Frog, puts the Frog on the bar, the Frog stands up and starts singing!” Bartender says, “Dude! WTF! A piano playing Hamster AND a singing Frog, Dude, hell ya, I’ll give you another drink! I can’t believe this, that’s crazy, I’ve never seen anything I’ve never seen anything like that!” He gives the man another drink.

A few minutes later another man siting at the bar says, “Hey Mister, I’ll give you $300 for that singing Frog!”

The Homeless Man ponders this for a moment then says, “Sure, ok, I’ll sell it to you for $300.”

The Guy walks over, gives the Man $300, takes the Frog and leaves the Bar.

The Bartender becomes irate! “What the hell Dude, $300? That was a SINGING FROG! Are you an IDIOT? A SINGING FROG? You could have gotten a Million bucks for a singing Frog!”

The Homeless Man says, “Na! The Hamster is a Ventriloquist.”

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