I am preparing a speech and would love to open it with a joke. Anyone know any CLEAN podiatry or foot jokes? This could make an interesting thread….haha.

Try as I might, I just can’t seem to nail down anything funny. My sole reason for entering this forum with my bag of tricks in tow was to say I think we can heal the scars that remained after I was so rudely shooed out last time when I was similarly tricked into making HILARIOUS pod jokes. Sure, you claimed I was the planter of the bad seeds, but here you are, starting trouble again!



something was afoot…..

…with Brandt as my witness, I will tell you this…

Why did the only two podiatrists in town hate each other?

They were arch enemies!!!

ha ha ha ha ha

This is what my clinic’s sign is going to say…

Emergency Foot Care:
walk-ins accepted