It has been said that people act unusual when in relationship. They get over protective, cranky, funny, possessive or too loving. These are phases of their life and when someone else sees them, they feel awkward but that is what happens in real.

In our friend’s circle, we have such friends who do such things and then we make fun of them. There are particular names of them at their back and they know it sometimes too. This is really funny thing that every friend circle has in common.

Jokes related to different relations:

Husband-wife: No one ever cracks jokes more than the husband and wife. They know each other’s habits and create some great jokes about it. You must have noticed that we read the great amount of jokes in this relationship than any other else. It is because that the people share more about each other’s habit when they are together in a relationship. There is situation sin this relationship which is totally hilariously funny for the others. Joke creators love to create jokes on this topic.

Girlfriend- Boyfriend: No matter there is a teen girlfriend and boyfriend or the old one; jokes can be created on anyone of them. There are several jokes written on this topic and the funny situations are never ending. This category of people reacts in a most humorous way for us and many of the other around them. The love scenes, fights, and arguments are humorous enough to make us laugh. If you crack jokes on these people then your peers will certainly enjoy a lot.

Wedding night jokes: Many people discuss that how do they goes through their wedding night and actually comes up with some interesting stories. People get extra nervous at their wedding night and feels fear, in that situation there are many funny moments happen which are openly describes in the relationship jokes. People like to listen to such stupid stuff which they attempts and it results in something else.

First date: When talking about relationship and there is no dating scene discussed then it seems like you have not discussed anything. So, if you are writing something on relationship jokes then telling something about the first date comes obviously first. The most excited yet confusing moment of anyone’s life. Adding blind date incidents in your jokes could be cherry on the top.

By adding these sorts of incidents, anyone can create their jokes on the relationship topics so easily and wonderfully which will make your readers and audiences go crazy.