“Breyona didn’t have to force a laugh. “Fellowship? Who do you think you are? Freedo the hobbit?”

“It’s Frodo,” he said over his shoulder. “And if I was a character from L.O.T.R., I’d obviously by Strider.” Shaking his head, he continued down the trail, mumbling obscenities.

“What is L.O.T.R.?” Shiv asked. “Who is this Freedo?”

Both questions brought exasperated sighs from Bronson. “It stands for Lord of the Rings. Don’t you ever see any movies?”

“Weren’t they books before they were movies?” Em asked.

“They wrote them after,” Bronson said.

Breyona winked at Danny. “That Freedo was hot,” she said loud enough for Bronson to hear. “Even with those dumb-ass furry feet, he’s my kind of cute.”

Bronson threw his hands up. “Frodo. It’s Frodo. And he’s not hot!”

Eric Edstrom,