When you hear a joke does your face contort with delight as you struggle to get your breath back or do you cringe at the awful punch line?

We’ve all heard the infamous “so a guy walks into a bar” jokes and even the notorious dead- baby jokes. Jokes are so often told by the guy at the bar who’s had one too many.

But what makes you laugh until you cry? As we wind down our Tell Us A Joke contest online (over at mergedigital.com/jokes), we bounced around the Valley to find out. Listen to what these A-townies thought, then hit the Web site to vote for the best (and worst) jokes.

Michelle Jarronj, 25, was both appalled and delighted when she opened an Easter bunny e-mail. Attached was a drawing of a dead Easter bunny who was covered in broken eggs, his basket askew at his side. “I do not condone cruelty to animals!” says Michelle, an adolescent counselor, and yet there was something completely hilarious about the dead bunny, the false Easter idol of children nationwide.

Christie Wetzel, 18, a senior at Emmaus High School was more interested in the longevity of a joke. She likes jokes that can be funny at any age. “My favorite jokes are ones that I thought were funny when I was like 2 years old” says Christie (who must have been a pretty smart 2-year-old.)

Ryan Mackenzie, 23, of Allentown can always look to Saturday Night Live for a good laugh. For Ryan, it’s the unexpected that keeps him laughing. He’s been enjoying the SNL raps … especially the rap starring cute Natalie Portman. “She’s rapping and cursing up a storm, but it’s funny because she’s so little and trying to be all tough,” says Ryan.

Brian Adams (not the Adams of “Summer of 69” fame), a student at the Baum School of Art, might still be found laughing at a bar joke. “I think my favorite is this one,” says Brian as he grins, about to tell the joke. “Two guys are talking in a bar. Both men recently had anniversaries. The first guy bought his wife a trip to Hawaii. He turns to the other guy and asks him what he got his wife … “slippers and a dildo,’ the man replies. “Why did ya get her that?’ asks the first guy.’ “Cuz if she doesn’t like the slippers, she can go screw herself!’.”

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