I believe in capturing moments. Tiny moments. Giant moments. The moments in between. Moments full of emotion.

I believe in cherishing the past. I love going through old pictures. Pictures from when my parents were kids, pictures from when my grandparents were kids. My favorite images, the ones I am drawn to look at over and over, are the candid images. Seeing these people that I have only known as adults, frozen in time for me to gaze at anytime I want.

I believe everyone is quirky in one way or another. I am fascinated by four leaf clovers – If I see any clover-like plant, I am compelled to search for a four leaf stalk. I also can’t eat yogurt without stirring it first. Weird? Probably. But I just have to stir first!

I believe in reality, but my favorite book when I was younger was a book of unicorn images by Robert Vavra. In my head I know these magical animals don’t exist, but the imagery is so compelling that my heart still believes they could be out there hiding somewhere. What do you think?

I believe in science. I am a science nerd. My degree is in Biology. I have worked in a Chemistry lab. I teach Physics. All things science are cool. Especially science jokes. Have a horribly great science joke? I want to hear it! Send it over to me.

I believe in family. I am a wife and a mother and when my twins were born I realized that I was now in charge of capturing their “moments”. What a huge responsibility! My girls are my inspiration and I strive to be the best version of me possible…for them.

I believe in providing you with beautiful images that reflect who you are at that moment. I would love to add you to my schedule – Contact me to get on the books now.

~Sara Erlinger