Daily Jokes.

What has eyes that cannot see, a tongue that cannot taste and a sole that cannot die? A shoe. What can we hear, but we cannot see, and only speaks when it is spoken to? Echo. … Continue reading →

Much More Food Jokes.

What do nuts sound like when they sneeze? Cashew. What kind of alarm do fast food restaurants have? Burger alarms. What kind of food talks the most? A talk-o. Why is this dish called … Continue reading →

Still More Food Joke.

Who would win if cabbage and carrot did run a race? Cabbage because it is a head. Why did the boy stare at the bottle of orange juice? On the bottle label it said Concentrate. How … Continue reading →

More Food Jokes.

Why did the child throw butter out of the window? She wanted to see a butterfly. Which hand to use to butter a roll? Neither. We have to use the knife. How do we fix pumpkin? … Continue reading →

Food Jokes.

Why did the man want a job in the bakery? He looked where he could loaf around. What do cow give after earthquake? Milk shakes. What is the difference between bread and the sun? Bread rises … Continue reading →

Laughter As Bonding Tool.

When children are creating jokes, they are essentially practicing mental gymnastics. By telling these jokes,children hone valuable communication skills. Those skills help them become socially adept. Laughter is a great bonding tool for making friendships. Those friendships support emotional stability, … Continue reading →

Still More Doofus Jokes.

What did a doofus do when he saw a “WANTED” poster outside the police station? He went in and applied for a job. How did a doofus break his arm while raking leaves? He fell out of the … Continue reading →

More Doofus Jokes.

Why did the doofus get fired from the banana factory? Because he threw out all the bent bananas. Why was the doofus hitting his head against the wall? Because it felt so good when he stopped. … Continue reading →

Doofus Jokes.

How do we know when a doofus has been making chocolate chips cookies? There are M&M shells all over the floor. How did the doofus fall on the floor? He was tripping over the cordless phone. … Continue reading →

Still Much More Food Jokes.

Customer: Waiter, how do you make a really large sandwich? Waiter: Well, first we take an enormous loaf of bread… Why did the potato cry? Because the chips were down. Customer: Waiter, why is the apple … Continue reading →