man walks into a bar and sees a jar on the counter filled with money, it says make the donkey laugh. The man asks the bartender “Hey, what’s with that?” “Well, I got a donkey out back that’s sorta depressed and I would like him to laugh, put in 20 bucks and you get to try, succeed and you get the jar” the man smiles and puts a twenty in the jar. he goes out back and after 5 seconds the donkey starts laughing his *** off. The man takes the money and leaves.

Next week he comes back and the donkey is still laughing, there’s a new jar on the counter filled with money it says make the donkey cry, “Donkey still hasn’t stopped laughing, it’s annoying! Same thing as last time… wanna try?” the man puts a twenty in the jar and walks back there, the donkey starts laughing harder, then he stops and starts bawling. The man goes back out and takes the jar, “Wait, how’d you make him laugh?” asked the bartender. “I told him mine was bigger than his” “That makes sense, how’d you make him cry?” “I proved it!”

my old next door neighbor who had an easy well paying job and came up with jokes all day because there wasn’t much work.