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Sports Riddles With Answers

What sport can also be eaten?

Two people were playing chess and both won. How did this happen?

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They were playing against other opponents

People from what country never fail to complete a marathon?

I am a horse without legs and a body, I jump but never run. What kind of a horse am I?

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A chess piece (horse/knight)

Bob’s coach has five players: four are named Jojo, Koko, Lolo and Momo. What is the fifth player’s name?

Why are soccer fields always unsure about what to do?

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Because they have two opposing goals.

We’re five little things that you use all the time, and you’ll find all of us in “a tennis court”.

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The vowels (a,e,i,o,u)

Why did the Pharoah like cheerleaders?

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Because they made a pyramid

I swing around on sticks, and use them to do my tricks, a white powder helps me to grip, and people cheer when I flip. What am I?

What do fisherman and boxers have in common?

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They both throw hooks!

In what sport does the offense score without ever even touching the ball?

In a football game not a single man scored a goal, yet the final score was 1-0. How can this be?

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All the players were women.

How can you make a slow and lazy athlete fast?

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Don’t let them eat anything

What kind of baseball goes nuts?

What happens three times in weightlifting, twice in swimming, but only once in tennis?

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The letter “i”

When two people are separated by a web and hate to have love, what are they called?

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Tennis players

People always step on me and cover me in dirt, yet many times people come running back to me when they are in trouble. What am I?

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A baseball base

These two sticks must always be kept close by, and if one decides to go another direction, then you’re sure to become much colder.

What is the hardest part about baseball?

What sport do French Christians love the most?

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Lacrosse (Le Cross)

If a shoe and a knife had a baby what would it be?

Why do waiters hate tennis?

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Because everything they serve gets returned.

What sport most rewards thieves?

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Baseball, for stealing bases.

Look at the following list of sports carefully: golf, darts, tennis, cricket, football, badminton. Which of the following should come next: archery, boxing, squash, gymnastics or baseball?

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Gymnastics (because it has 10 letters and the sports are in order of how many letters they have)

Why do lawyers love tennis?

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Because it’s always in the court

What kind of cup has holes in it, should be washed thoroughly before use and should never be drank from?

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An athletic cup

Sports Riddles for Kids

sports riddles and answersThe previous sports jokes and riddles were mostly sports riddles for adults, though they could really be for anyone. This next section of sports riddles for kids is designed to be somewhat easier. You may also enjoy our largest collection of riddles for kids.

What is the loudest sport?

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Racquetball (Racket-ball)

How do basketball players eat oreos?

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They dunk them

What animal is the best cricket player?

What did the goalie say to the soccer ball?

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Catch you later

I am used in most sports, have four holes and a state shares my name. What am I?

I hang in the sky, as birds pass me by, and I am always connected to the ground. I dance in the breeze and am made of trees, I soar without making a sound. What am I?

I am a ball that rolls but can’t bounce or be thrown.

The soccer player James touches the ball with his hands, but he is not given any penalty.

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He is the goalie

What sport do chatterboxes love the most?

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