Why is this site here?

This blog is a place to place ramblings and stray concepts about anime. That includes reviews, general discussion about anime as a whole, and discussion of tropes and stuff like that.

Who are you?

I’m a Canadian currently in Alberta. I am a theorist by nature and love to look at things analytically. In this case, that includes anime, video games, and tabletop games. As a person, I am a social introvert, a rational, and heavily rely on intuition. In this sense, if you believe in outdated Myers-Briggs concepts, I’m the classic internet goer, an INTJ (though I’m really borderline on the N-S boundary). I love to write but hate my own voice (and also suck at articulating in real time), so the internet is a perfect forum for by own concepts.

Focusing on this blog’s aim a bit more, I am, again, a theorist. I am interested in what people often call the academic realm of thought. Concepts such as the origin and appeal of moe, or the application of tsundere characters are very unique realms of thought that fascinate me.

So, what is Lain’s First Law?

It’s a cute hybrid anime-science joke. The anime, of course, is Lain (Lain Iwakura) of Serial Experiments Lain. The first law refers to the First Law of Thermodynamics, a common high school chemistry concept. Though really, you could pick almost any physical sciences law to put in. As a scientific mind in study (Biomedical engineering undergrad, now studying in physics) in study, I love these little science jokes.