Funny Joke: The Substitute Teacher

Funny Substitute Teacher Joke:

A substitute teacher is starting her 1st day at a new school. She is taking attendance when a boy walks in a few seconds late. He says “my name is Matt. sorry I’m late. Every morning I go down to the creek & throw pebbles in the water until school starts.” The teacher excuses him. A minute later, a second student walks in.

The teacher asks, “who are you & why are you late?” The student replies “my name in Ben. I was down at the creek, tossing pebbles into the water. I didn’t notice the time. Sorry.” The teacher shakes her head. A minute later, a 3rd kid walks in. “And who are you?? And why are YOU late??!”

The kid, out of breath and breathing hard, says “I’m John. I was down by the creek throwing pebbles in the water. I like to see how big a splash I can make.” The teacher, flabbergasted, also excuses him–but says “I know tossing pebbles in the creek can be fun, and the bigger splashes pebbles make are cool to w atch, but please watch the clock next time so you are not late for school.”

A 4th kid walks into the classroom. He is drenched with water, his clothes are wet & muddy. His hair is soaked, he’s dripping all over the floor. The class bursts into laughter. Without hesitation, the teacher says “Ok!! I know you were down at the creek. I know what you were doing. I don’t have a problem with it.

Just dry off, take a seat, and give me your name.” The boy, who is about to hyperventilate, yells “My name is Pebbles!!”

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